About us

Our story

“ In the past time, we used to trade for getting products that we need”

The method we were using, was the Giving and exchange method, which means give one product and Take one product By the time we become advance and start selling by making shops, Where customer come and see the products physically if product attract him then he buys it and life was going this way.

But due to era of technology, we start selling using the virtual shop, where we use product image, instead of a physical product, customers see images and get know about products how it looks. This virtual shop is called Ecommerce and the shop Is named as Website.

Your customers come to your virtual shop (website) and see products ( Using images ) and if your images attract them, then they purchase it But Here is also one problem. Customers see images and get know-how It looks, but how products work, what are the functionality of products, how to use them, etc.

This was a big challenge, but don’t worry the tool that solves this problem is called product animation In product animation we make Visual effects of the product to show its functionalities and to show the customer how this product works and how it looks  etc

Now we can say your product images are your business because did your customers buying your products by contacting face to face? No, Off-course they are coming to your virtual shop and will buy your product image ( They see products by images not physically).

As we are selling a product using the virtual shop, we are not alone, it is the internet, millions of other shops already selling the same products, You will face a killer competition. But one tool beat your competition and convince your visitor to be your customer, which is Hero product image and killer animation.

As we know the science of image and highly skilled CGI artist or Photoshop artist, specialize only in making high-quality images or product animation using CGI photography, Our vision is to design image of products according to your customer perception and beat your competition with CGI Product animation So contact now let grow your E-Commerce business or upscale your brand together.

Our vision

Bullet3d has the vision to grow your e-Commerce business or upscale your brand from zero to millions dollar empire together. Let engage your e-Commerce website visitor into your potential customers with Hero graphic contents .

Meet our team

I enrolled in an engineering degree named “ENERGY SYSTEM ENGINEERING” But never find interest in this program but luckily I get through a subject “AUTOCAD” (COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN), this was life-changing for me because I was always curious about graphic generated using a laptop and this opportunity allow me to convert my curiosity or passion into a profession and then lifetime career.

 “Nothing in this world can make you happy more than your passion as a profession”

Hello my name is Umer Farooq and I am Freelance 3d designer and this is my story. More about my story: this subject named CAD (Computer ADDED DESIGN) change my life, I went mad about designing, I practiced hundreds of hours in this software named “AutoCAD) BUT never satisfied with my modeling skill by using this software then I switch to SOLIDWORK BUT Again I was curious to learn more and more that’s why finally I again switch to 3d modeling software like 3DS MAX OR Blender, and I switch into a blender and learn it.

I was so curious about CAD OR CGI that I left my university ongoing degree instead of attempting final exams of the semester I practice hundreds of hours in designing, my eat sleep, the drink was with a laptop and designing software and at the end, my family know about I have left degree they got furious at me but anyway I convinced them that I want to pursue my career as 3d artist and they allow me to do what I want when I work or practice in designing software like hell and I was so curious about it that whenever I saw anything, I always think how to make it in 3d.

During this time, I met with a guy named “Muhammad Waleed (MW)”, He was also passionate about cad that is why we became best friends and start learning together, later on, we work on different successful projects but now after practicing hundreds of hours in cad or CGI we got enough skill where we can provide top-notch quality work to clients and we decided to help e-Commerce business or brands with our incredible designing skill, this is the purpose of Bullet3d. Bullet3d has the vision to help e-Commerce business or upscaling brands with hero images and CGI product animations and to engage your website visitor into your potential customers with hero images and grow your e-Commerce business from zero to million-dollar together.

After successfully drawing a line in the paint app using a computer or after making some cool stuff in a random app, wow I am a professional 3d artist lol.

Hello! This is Muhammad Waleed (Mw), a passionate 3d artist specialize in product modeling and realism, now working on product animation, this is my story. I was always passionate about designing but don’t know much about graphics or computer software but luckily get interacted first with computer graphics during a SUBJECT named “AutoCAD” during my engineering degree at the university of agriculture Faisalabad. My curiosity brings me to the fantasy of being a top-notch 3d artist, I started practice in AutoCad, and was trying to make complex 3d design using this software but then I realize this is not for me and I switch to 3DS MAX.

At the start, I feel some boring but soon I start getting interested in this software and I was practicing hundred hours in this software without knowing this software would change my life. Luckily I get a handsome job then the first time I earn money from my passion and I realize that

“Nothing can make you happy more than making your passion, a profession“

Now after getting a handsome grip on designing skills I decided with my friend Umer Farooq, to start offering our services to E-Commerce business, brands, etc. The vision of Bullet3d is to engage your website visitor into your potential customers with hero images and grow your e-Commerce business from zero to million-dollar together.

Hello! My name is Waqi-ul-Rehman, I am a professional Graphic designer specialize as a Photoshop artist for your e-Commerce business.

I love to design your e-Commerce business by making images of your products according to customer perception.

I met with Umer Farooq during my degree at the university of agricultural Faisalabad and get know about his passion and vision for cad designing. Later on, we worked together on different projects together and now we started our brand named Bullet3d. The goal of bullet3d is to engage your website visitor into your potential customers with hero images and grow your eCommerce business from zero to million-dollar together.

Hello! This is Ali,

A passionate CGI lover and specialized in making Product animation using blender for e-Commerce business or your Brand etc.

I love to boost your business by boosting the engagement of your customers with mind-blowing CGI animation of your products.

I met with Umer Farooq this year and learned about his vision of growing your e-Commerce business from zero to million-dollar together by engaging your website audience into your potential customers with Hero graphic contents, and decided to work together.