Amazon product listing images

Science of amazon product listing images

Are you selling your products by contacting your customers face to face? If no then what is why for your customer to purchase your products using your virtual shop called e Commerce? Of course, your customer purchases your products from your e-Commerce shop after seeing images of your products. That means your product image is the door that will open sales for your business And In the world of e-Commerce, Amazon is the biggest virtual shops with millions of products, stand out your product with Hero amazon product listing images Contact now, To boost your sales with Hero images and CGI product animation

2 ways to get hero Image for Amazon product listing

CGI photography

product photography

what is CGI photography?

It is abbreviated as Computer Generated imagery CGI photography  is doing photography of your products but using virtual studio instead of physical studio.

CGI is making graphic contents using 3d software like 3ds Max, Maya, Blender etc We can say it is an advanced form of product photography, Using CGI we design our Ecommerce products in 3d, then make a High-quality image (6-10 images) to use for Selling products on the website.

Services using CGI photography

  • Getting reference images: Give us the reference images of your products or your competitor.
  • Designing: We will design your products using computer graphic software.
  • Rendering: In this step, we will deliver High-quality images of your products (6-10) images per products.

Services using product photography

  • Giving shoots: Share the shoots of your products with us.
  • Photoshop work: We will do Photoshop work like image editing, retouching, background removal.
  • Lifestyle backgrounds: We will design your products with any lifestyle background you want.
  • Final Hero image: We will deliver High-quality images ( 6-10 images ) per product.

10 amazing benefits of using CGI for E-commerce business



You do not need to ship your products to the studio and saves a lot of effort, time, just send us simple pictures of your products, we will deliver High-quality images (6-10 images per products ).


Save time and effort

Using CGI you can save your time and effort because you are not spending your time or money to ship your product.


Save money

Save your money, using CGI, You do not need to ship your products and pay extra. Instead of this use the virtual studio and get amazing visuals for your product image.


Get Unlimited shoots

Get unlimited shoots, with any background, Any lifestyle images, etc for your products.


Get mockups

Customers want to see products in different environments, with different colors, using CGI get your product with any background, with any materials.


Get Visuals effects

Customers get used to visuals but Product photography can give look exterior of products only, but CGI can also show the interior of your products or any visual effects to make it exciting for your customers.


Product animation

Get 360 degree and explainer animation of your products to show your customer how your product look and how it works.


Lifetime support

Once shooting complete, you pay or ship your products again to the studio if you need its images, but Using CGI get image any time without any effort.


Get brand new image

Using photography, after shooting you need to make effort, spend time and money to hire a graphic designer for photo editing, but using CGI get ready images to use on the website.


Add imagery scenes

Using product photography you cannot show your products in some scene like in a huge crowd etc but Using CGI you can show your product in any scene (because it is imagery, we can make any visual scene).

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